• What is this Virtual Internship?

      A virtual internship is an experience that students can have from anywhere they chose. During the internship, students will go through a series of learning sessions followed by interactions with Industry leaders. Students will then get an opportunity to solve an industry problem using the power of Microsoft Azure & Github tools.

  • What modules will I get to experience?

      The Internship will have Self learning, Industry sessions, Project mentoring and Project submissions as the key modules

  • How much time do I need to invest to complete the Internship?

      The internship will last 9 weeks and have ~190 hours of learning

  • How do I get a Job post the Internship?

      Future Ready Talent platform is an internship experience to help you get ready with the skills of tomorrow. Future Ready Talent provides an additional benefit as invitation to a career fair exclusive for eligible candidates

  • How do I interact with my internship cohort?

      The Github discussion boards are accessible on the learning page once the batch starts and candidate logs in.

  • How is my self-learning updated?

      The platform checks your MS Learn profile, as submitted during the Orientation. Based on the Badges and Trophies that you earn on MS Learn, the self-learning status is updated. In case the profile is incorrectly entered, please update the same from the Profile page.